My Journey from Hypo to Happy

Almost There?

I figured on a day like today, when I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, I should try to recollect how far I’ve come in the last year. Here is a list of things I either could not do or it would’ve taken all my energy to do a year ago, that I can do easily now:

Wash dishes
Do laundry
Take a walk
Go shopping
Clean the house
Update my website
Take photographs
Visit my family
Work on projects
Fall asleep easily and sleep through the night

I still have some issues I’d like to resolve…such as bad memory, foggy/slow thinking, back pain, acne and low energy/fatigue. But hopefully those won’t stick around forever. I really want to be a mother soon, so I have to stay positive and believe these things won’t hold me back from being a good one…or that they’ll be gone by the time that occurs. We’ll see.


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