My Journey from Hypo to Happy

The Plight of Progress

I’m sure most people would agree that progress is a good thing. Any word starting with “pro” is supposed to be a positive, yes? Well for those who are healing from adrenal fatigue and years of undiagnosed hypothyroidism, progress is a double-edged sword. The good days that show us we’re moving in the right direction are immensely wonderful. We get a glimpse of our true selves…the selves we used to be…the selves we’re trying to recapture. We remember what it’s like to live like a normal person and do normal things. We smile and laugh and get things accomplished.

And then the bottom drops out. We’re back to another “bad day” and wonder if that good day was merely a dream. We agonize over what we may have¬†inadvertently¬†done to chase that good feeling away. Did we sleep too little, or too much? Did we eat something we shouldn’t have? Did we overdo it while that good feeling was around? The answers never come and we’re stuck waiting around for another good day to arrive.

This roller coaster both gives us hope and feeds our depression. All in all, it’s truly maddening…but we trudge onward in spite of Progress’s sparse visits. Because we have faith that, in the end, all of this hard work will pay off. Surely someday the universe will reimburse us for these months and years of lost life. All of the ups and downs will be worth it. Someday.